omniORB development

omniORB development happens in Subversion. See the omniORB SourceForge project page for generic instructions, or browse the repository.


The repository contains the following directories:

  • branches/4_3 is the current stable branch, containing omniORB and omniORBpy 4.3.x. Use this if you want to keep up to date with bug fixes on the stable version.
  • branches/4_2 is the previous stable branch, containing omniORB and omniORBpy 4.2.x.
  • branches/4_4 contains the main development branch, containing what will become omniORB and omniORBpy 4.4.x. It should usually be functional, but should not be used for production work.
  • branches/5_0 is a highly experimental branch that may become omniORB 5.0.x. It is very likely to be in a broken state.
  • tags contains tagged releases.
  • cost contains testing code from the CORBA Open Source Testing project.

If you want the latest cut from Subversion without doing a checkout, you can download nightly snapshots of the main branches from this page.


Checkouts are built in the same way as a release. Note that to build omniORBpy on Windows or other platforms using the traditional build system, you must checkout the omniORBpy package within the src/lib directory of an omniORB tree. With the autoconf build on Unix platforms, it can be checked out anywhere.