omniORB features

omniORB is a CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB) for C++ and Python.

Stable release: omniORB 4.3.2

omniORB 4.3 adheres to version 2.6 of the CORBA specification. The technical highlights are:
  • C++ and Python language bindings.
  • Adheres to the CORBA 2.6 specification.
  • Support for GIOP and IIOP 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.
  • Fully multithreaded runtime.
  • TypeCode and type Any.
  • CORBA 2.6 DynAny interfaces.
  • Objects by value support.
  • Asynchronous Method Invocation (AMI) support
  • Abstract interfaces support.
  • Local interface support.
  • C++ mapping version 1.2.
  • IPv6 support.
  • Dynamic Invocation and Dynamic Skeleton interfaces.
  • Complete Naming Service, omniNames.
  • Support for wchar, wstring and code set negotiation.
  • Full long long, long double, fixed point support.
  • PortableServer::Current.
  • Unix domain socket transport.
  • Bidirectional GIOP.
  • Interoperable Secure Socket Layer transport.
  • Flexible thread management.
  • Interceptors.
  • Many platforms are supported, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and most Unix platforms.
  • Fully interoperable with other CORBA ORBs.
  • A number of contributed CORBA service implementations. See the links page.

Portions of this page are based on a features page Copyright AT&T Laboratories Cambridge.